Diffley & Daughters septic provides premier quality septic tank cleaning service with modern equipment and knowledgeable technicians, our comprehensive cleaning process includes a thorough back flush or wash down of your tank & filter, an inspection of baffles and an evaluation of the overall condition of the tank and drain field.

Tanks can be made of concrete, fiberglass or plastic. Most tanks have two chambers, each with an access lid. The first or primary chamber is larger and retains the majority of sludge and scum. The smaller secondary chamber allows the effluent to further settle and break down before entering the leach field. Tanks may vary in size from 1,000 to 2,000 gallons for most residential systems. Generally speaking, the size of your tank is based on the number of bedrooms in your home or as specified by local building and health department codes. Example: 2 to 3 bedroom home will have a 1,000 gallon tank a 4 bedroom home will have a 1,250 gallon tank.

Septic Pumping & Mantenance
Peroxide Treatments
Enzyme/Bacteria treatment
Build up removal
High Pressure water Jetting
Drain Cleaning
Inspections-visual & video camera

Sewer connections or repairs:
Damaged sewer lines or sewer lines in bad condition can cause flooding and soil contamination that is hazardous to your health and the environment. This reasons for damage include:

Cracked, broken or collapsed pipes due to frozen ground, soil shifting and settling and sub-standard materials
 Clogged or blocked pipes due to foreign objects and grease buildup
Pipe corrosion or oxidation
Broken pipe seals and leaking joints
Sunken pipes
Root infiltration that blocks or damage the pipes

 Diffley and Daughters can supply you with a free estimate on pipe replacement or new sewer installs. Whether it's a new septic install, sewer connection, sewer repair, we'll leave your property as clean as possible. From compacting topsoil to prevent sunken areas, to re-loaming & re-seeding the work site, your property will come back as nice as before we started.