Diffley Septic's expert team of Drain cleaning technicians has the tools and experience necessary to unclog a blockage of any size. Each service vehicle carries a wide range of equipment including:

 High pressure water jetter to cut through those stubborn clogs or thick roots
Cable machines to fit any line small or large
Video camera machine to inspect drains

Diffley & Daughters will provide you with excellent customer service and can provide you with further assistance if there is a more serious issue then just a clog. Our technicians have been well trained in this area. Diffley & Daughters can provide you with the following services in drain blockage:

Main Sewer line
Toilet Drains
Bathroom & Kitchen sink drains
Tub & Shower drains
Floor drains
Down spout lines 

Video camera equipment for our techs to fully clean & visually inspect sewer & drain lines.
In addition to emergency line openings Diffley offers preventative maintenance programs to prevent future backups from occurring.